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At the age of twenty-five, with one success under his belt, he started a night club, Malo’s Rock Studio, in Aurora with three of his brothers. This endeavor produced lots of fun for the Malo brothers and continued success. Subsequently, Neim and 2 of his brothers moved to Naples Florida for the next chapter of their success story, The Palm Restaurant. About five years later and accompanied by another Malo brother, the next enterprise was added to their portfolio, called Pacific 41 – also in Naples. With both restaurants achieving great success, they decided to go all out and built the now well-known, one of a kind Watermark Grille in Naples.

A new exciting opportunity was created with a team including Neim and a group of his friends: a lifelong friend from Naperville, and his son-in-law Chris Strickland, from Lakeland Florida, Lori Hanson from Texas. This group of entrepreneurs decided to open a fun-filled gourmet fast food restaurant with sandwiches from the Midwest called Beefstro’s Gourmet Beefs. The first one was launched in Naples. The team’s goal is to start with several locations on their own, and then create franchising opportunities throughout the east and west coast of the US. With all the years of experience that Neim has in the restaurant business coupled with the experience and enthusiasm of the team as a whole, it will be no surprise when Beefstro’s enjoys a successful and exciting venture serving the people in Florida and beyond.